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What's the difference between and cutting board and a charcuterie board?

A cutting board is usually thicker (1.25” to 2” or 3.2 cm to 5 cm). A charcuterie board is usually less than 1” (or 2 cm) thick. Most people buy them in sets to keep the charcuterie board clean of cut marks as a decorative serving piece.

First, we start with CANADIAN WOOD and each finished piece is always cut from a single piece of wood for stability and safety. There is no such thing as a food-safe glue and any wood that is glued together will eventually come unglued and break apart. We let nature shine by using whole pieces of wood, most with the unique irregular LIVE-EDGE that was formerly the outside skin of the tree and captures the full story of the tree.

It takes about 140 to 180 days for a 2 inch thick slab of live-edge wood to dry, almost half a year before it is useable. This makes it more challenging for manufacturers to create compared with traditional bulk lumber and is why it is so expensive.

In order to protect your board and reveal the natural radiance of the wood grain, each board has been treated with 10 coats of our handmade food-grade mineral oil and beeswax paste, and aired to dry for 3 days.

Many of our pieces include signature blue EPOXY ART. Not all epoxies are created for use with food. EcoPoxy is the safest and most eco-friendly epoxy resin product on the market. It is a non-toxic liquid plastic that is fume-free and can be applied without ventilation. It is safe for food surfaces, for you and for the environment.