Perfect for the couch, twin beds or accents on a larger bed.

Hand-Made. 100% Cotton Quilting. 100% Cotton Batting.

Each quilt is made with love and takes 40-60 hours of heart to complete, not including time choosing the fabrics or binding the backing. All quilts can be used either as a comforter or an accent quilt to add a pop of color to a neutral duvet, depending on your preference.

  • All fabric purchased locally in Alberta
  • Top quality materials: quilting-cotton, minky plush, fireside plush and trims
  • 1st place winner in over 10 local fairs in Ontario
  • 40 years of practicing the art of quilting
  • Backing is professionally quilted with a long-arm machine

Wrap your loved ones in tradition that feels like a hug every night, and put yourself on that list! Historically, sewing and quilting were an affordable way to makeover a room. People sewed patches of old clothing that could no longer be worn. Today, it’s seen as an art form given the cost.


Poinsettia & Holly Quilt

C$ 1,770.00

Jenna's Journey Lap Quilt

C$ 580.00

High Strung Lap Quilt

C$ 565.00

Christmas Patchwork Lap Quilt

C$ 555.00

Log Cabin Quilt

C$ 1,180.00

Gypsy's Wife 2 Lap Quilt

C$ 790.00

Winter Solstice Quilt

C$ 1,265.00