About Local Living Gallery

The Local Living Gallery supports local artists in a meeting point of Fine Arts, Master Craftsmanship, and Function. A curated collection of farmhouse, industrial, vintage and rustic décor, gifts, seasonal, handmade, creativity-enhancing, soul-nourishing, emotional-healing products. We sell our products through live demonstrations at leading consumer shows and fairs across the country.

We are proudly headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta and support local artisans throughout Canada. We continue to grow and offer over 30 luxury products to express yourself. Our family-owned team is made up of stellar sales staff, industry veterans and committed warehouse and office staff who pride themselves in offering best in class service. For that, we are very grateful!

Since our inception, The Local Living Gallery has also been a strong contributor to local communities. We have proudly donated funds to the food bank.



Art helps us learn from and heal our past stories, reflect on and understand our present more fully and deeply, and create any identity with new possibilities for the future we choose to create. It should be accessible for everyone and appreciated everywhere.

We aim to share a view of the world through the eyes of a child with resilience, curiosity, lightness, wonder, awe, and play….. both beginner and master, both student and teacher. New experiences affect us: the places we travel to, the books we read, the people we meet. For a short while after we return to “real life”, we see the world with fresh eyes and new solutions to our struggles, challenges and problems. How different could life look if we had life-affirming and life-expanding experiences every day? What if we didn’t need to escape from life but instead rewrite a new story of the current one?

We are all creative whether we are aware of it or not. Celebrating and appreciating the work of others, opens those doorways within ourselves, so unleash yourself! Great art is lived, breathed, experienced. Ever-evolving… as we are.

To living well, in whichever way you interpret that to mean for you!


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